One-on-One Photography Lessons

One-on-one photography lessons are private lessons, customized for your needs, for learning how to use your camera and to improve your photography skills. With these private sessions, you decide which direction you need and what pace of learning you want to take on.


One-on-one lessons are for anyone who want to:

- learn to use their camera

- learn to control your camera's advance function

- gain the knowledge of various photography techniques 

- improve your photography skills

- learn to take professional looking photos for your business or career


Following are a list of topics available for one-on-one lessons. In addition, we can also customize the content of the session according to your needs. Contact us to get a free consultation.  

Topic 1: 

Introduction to Photography

- Introduction

- Apps

- Camera modes

- Terminology

- Guide to manual settings


Topic 4:
Low Light & Night Photography

- Taking sharp photos in low light conditions

- Creating motion in your photos

- Capturing light trails

- Light painting


Topic 2:
Mastering Composition

- Composition techniques

- Creating depth in your photos

- Creative photography techniques

- Editing your photos


Topic 5: 

Portrait / Family / People Photography

- Using natural light for portraits

- Framing

- Posing for family photos

- Creative ideas

- Working with people


Topic 3: Still life Photography
(Product & Food)

- Working with available light

- DIY light sources and setups

- Arranged composition

- Introduction to styling

- Advanced editing


Topic 6: 

Photojournalism - building a story

- Accompanied photography assignment

- Feedback sessions


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