• Gabi Berger

Tel Aviv Self-Guided Photography Tour

A 3-4 hours walking tour, combining the best of the Tel Aviv experience: architecture, street art, culture & beach

Whether you just like snapping photos with your smartphone or you're an experienced photographer or just getting into the hobby, this self guided photo tour will show you the city through a new lens.

I recommend this route as it combines a little bit of everything that makes Tel Aviv the vibrant, amazing city it is. From unique architectural examples of the international movement (also called Bauhaus),and eclectic style buildings, through streets filled with street art and graffiti, the walk will pass through the buzzing middle-eastern market and end at the beautiful beachfront. Something you can't miss during your stay in Tel Aviv, named one of the world’s top 10 beach cities by National Geographic.

1. Bialik Square / Architecture