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10 ways to drive your friends abroad crazy

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

1. Post stunning beach sunset pictures every day on your Facebook and Instagram

We use the setting sun as a back light to highlight the water drops of the surfers taking shower

2. Take funny photos on the beach and collect billions of likes with them

Playing with angles, distances and the advanced functions of the camera to freeze the water drops

3. Israel is known about having the most delicious salads and great food. Photograph your colorful meals and add your exact location. Use hashtag: #israeli_kitchen

It's the composition, the shapes and the colors that make this photo great.

4. Go for a day trip and visit multicultural places like Jerusalem / Haifa / Aco / Ramla / Nazareth.

Using panorama function with attention to the shadow & light create interesting shapes in the Old City of Jerusalem.

5. On a windy day find the kite surfers at the beach and capture them. Hashtag it #suchawinterday

The foreground and background elements tell us a few stories at the same time.

6. Post photos of the wonderful markets (Mahanei Yehuda, Carmel Market, Levinsky Market, HaTikva Market, Netanya Market, you name it) - ask your favorite grocery guy to

pose for you

Composition composition composition. Notice the angle, the frame within the frame, the leading lines?

7. Go out and capture the gorgeous nightlife.

Capturing great photos in low light condition will require you to learn the advanced functions of your smartphone's camera.

8. When it is winter and your friends abroad are complaining about snow, it is still pretty warm in Israel. Take a foot picture standing in the sea.

When you learn to set camera exposure manually, you will be able control the mood of your sunset photos

9. Take a break from city life, go on a hike and capture Israel’s diverse landscapes - explore the northern beaches in the summer, take a desert hike in autumn, climb the snowy Mt. Hermon in the winter, and go flower hunting during spring time.

Get out of the city, visit interesting and beautiful places.

10. Winter time there are rainbows at least every second day. Capture them and share!

When it rains, it's the best time to go out and take photos. You may be suprised to learn, that most new smartphone models are rainproof.

All the photos in this article were shot on a smartphone.

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