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10 things to know about sport photography

Recently we have been invited to shoot at games of the Israel Football League, that is American Football in Israel. With teams like Judean Rebels, Jerusalem Lions, Mazkeret Batya Silverbacks, there is a unique local favor to the sport. You will see a good mix of internationals from all over the world playing in the teams along with Israelis, you will find kippa and tzitzit showing from below the gear. To sum up our experience, we put together the following tips for photographing sport events.

Here is Bar Kallosh's 10 tips to know about sport photography:

1. Know your game - it is doesn't matter what kind of sport you photograph, one of the most important thing is to know the rules, and the main point of the game.

2. Dress proper - expect to move a lot around, so wear comfortable shoes and clothes that are sporty. Expect that you will run almost as much as the players. (Last time I ran about 4.5 km just to photograph american football)

3. Check the weather - if it is hot, wear a hat, have enough water, use sunscreen. If cold, take gloves, rainproof suits for yourself and for your camera.

4. Arrive in time - general rule is to arrive in time for any event, but for sport events it’s really worth to arrive 45-30 minutes the start, to have enough time to find your place where you can put your equipment, and if you are not sure, feel free to ask the organizers, where you are aloud to photograph without disturbing the event.

5. Bring your long lenses - normally sport photography needs fast DSLR cameras, long and expensive lenses, because you can’t get close enough. You can also rent a lens so that you can experiment with something new. There are plenty of places in Tel Aviv to rent photography equipment for a daily price which gives an excellent opportunity to test it before you decide to spend a fortune.

6. Never shoot automatic mode, at the minimum, choose shutter speed priority.

7. Set the shutter speed - If you are shooting with a 200 mm lens, set the shutter speed minimum to 1/200, but I recommend to keep it as short as possible. Remember, the higher the shutter speed, the sharper quick movements will look.

8. Cover the game - if you working on a sport event and not only photographing for pleasure you have to pay attention for the followings: have pictures of all players, have pictures of major actions - for example for soccer catch the goal, winning moments, big emotions. Be able to give a full picture about how the event went.

Capture close ups to show emotions

9. Experiment with various photography techniques - when you have all the ‘important’ images that cover the event, it is time now to play. You can try different long exposure techniques like motion blur (when your subject is just a blurry line) or follow focus (when you are following physically with your lens your subject and everything else will be blurred).

10. Don’t forget to enjoy - even though photographing a sport event is hard work, enjoy it. It will show in your pictures.

Would you like to participate in a hands-on workshop how to shoot sport? Send us a message at info@photo972.com

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