The Art of Mobile Photography


There is an old saying that goes "The best camera is the one you have with you". Smartphones are with us all the time. In our pockets, in our hands, always in a very accessible place. This creative and fun workshop will give you the knowledge to maximize the potential of your smartphone's camera. 

What You'll Learn

The following topics will be covered, every one followed by practice & review: 
01 Creative techniques to capture awesome photos

02 Perfecting composition 
03 Taking control over your camera's functions and 
04 Editing your photos. 

Who is this For

Take this workshop if you want to 

01 Capture meaningful photos 

02 Learn to think creatively

03 Maximize the power of your smartphone camera

04 Learn how editing on a smartphone can make your photos stand out

What You'll Need


You'll need an iPhone or Android smartphone with internet connection so that you can share the images you capture during the workshop.  No other special equipment is necessary.

Workshop Details

  • Exact meeting point location will be sent by email after registration. 

  • This workshop is suitable for ages 14+ and all levels of photography experience. 

  • The workshop is subject to a minimum of participants. The route may be changed according to the instructor’s best judgement.

Cancellations: We have a 24 hour notice no-questions asked refund policy. If you believe you are unable to commit to your booking, please notify us no later than 24 hours ahead of workshop date and we'll issue an immediate refund.


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